About Us

Joseph House Project
We are a Christ-centered organization with a vision for three major ministries:

1. Community Outreach - First and foremost, we offer HOPE through our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST for the homeless, lost, and broken.  When the weather is cold we are a warming center, and we offer a safe place for encouragement through daily prayer, Bible studies, and various small groups.  We also offer "Celebrate Recovery," which is a Christ-centered recovery program reaching those who suffer from all forms of hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  In addition we plan on launching work programs for those with challenges finding employment due to a backgrounds that creates negative outcomes.

2.  Christian Coffee House - We will be a place that not only offers a warm cup of coffee and a place to sit and relax or chat with friends, but also a place where we can create a common ground for people of differing Christian backgrounds to fellowship under ONE banner, "Jesus Christ."  We will offer place where worship events can be hosted and God's people can praise and worship JESUS in an unrestricted atmosphere, as well as other Christian based entertainment such as movies and video series.  

3.  Christian Creative Arts - We have already offered many musical events and in the future will offer a place where art, dance, and drama for all ages can also be cultivated to the glory of God.